HoomBand | Bluetooth Headband for Sleep

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  • 🛌 ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR SIZE, EXTRA BREATHABLE 🛌 The One Size Fits All version of HoomBand Bluetooth 5.0 was created to increase comfort levels even further. The adjustable velcro strip can be adapted to larger and smaller head sizes. The breathable fabric combines comfort and flexibility. The ultra-flat and adjustable earphones are hidden under a thermoformed foam. We designed a headband that doesn't slip and doesn't tighten, making it perfect for side sleepers. 
  • ✨ INCLUDES +100H OF HYPNOTIC STORIES AND GUIDED MEDITATIONS ✨ APP CODE DIRECTLY IN THE BOX, for immediate access. Exclusive for HoomBand users: content created by top sleep specialists (hypnotherapists, sleep doctors, sophrologists, and audio designers). Fall asleep quickly, without effort or frustration. Calm your mind. Sleep longer with white noise and get a more restful sleep. Offline mode is available. Extra content available beyond the free +100H.
  • 🤸 NO LIMITS 🤸 HoomBand works just like regular headphones, so it can be used with other apps. Perfect for sports & working out, watching a movie on the go, or taking a power nap. Easy to use at the gym or in yoga classes as it doesn't slip or get caught. Perfect for use as a couple as it doesn't bother the person next to you or for the whole family. Great gift for any sleepless loved one.
  • 🕯 PERFECT FOR CALMING RESTLESS MINDS 🕯 Find your balance with Hypnotic Stories (in which you are the hero), Immersive Documentaries, Deep Meditations & Soundscapes. Our ingredients (proven techniques) to help you sleep: Hypnosis, Cardiac Coherence Meditation, 5 Sense Stimulation, Visualization, Binaural Sounds, Frequencies and so much more.
  • 💤 BLUETOOTH 5.0 💤 10 hours of use with only 2 hours of charging! Premium HD BT 5.0 audio quality. Long life Lithium-Ion battery. Very compact and discreet Bluetooth module with an accessible ON/OFF switch. Green micro USB charging cable is included in the box. Compatible with all commercial devices (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, etc..)
  • 🥇IMPROVED VERSION, 55k UNITS SOLD 🥇 After being on the market for 4 years, we decided to create a new wireless version to answer the customers' most common issues. One Size improves size range and adjustability for better fit, improved headphone and bluetooth module placement.

Created with sleep experts and therapists

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HoomBand | Bluetooth Headband for Sleep


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