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New HOOMKID The storyteller to help children master their emotions

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As Explorers of Health, our mission is to create simple, fun tools to help young and old rediscover the joy of feeling good.

Over 1.3 million happy users

Sleep World

We've been tackling this fascinating subject through our personal life paths (since 2012). The dangers of sleeping pills prompted us to look for alternative solutions, first to cure ourselves of our own insomnia, then to enable millions of insomniacs all around the world to fall asleep without chemicals. 

Kids' Inner World

The mental health of adults begins at an early age. Emotional balance is an essential pillar in the growth of children. Our experience in stress management has led us to bring together the best specialists to create entertaining tools to defuse inner conflicts. 

Second Brain World

Our digestive system contains almost 200 million neurons, and is the pillar of our health. The microbiota that occupies it is intimately linked to our emotions. It's a fascinating subject, which led us to take an interest in fermentation and bacteria. Through our meetings with experts on the subject, we have developed a collection of essential living products to care for it.

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