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About Us

Our Mission


It's with our inner world that we create our outer world. Inner peace is the beginning of the journey, authenticity is the goal. Stress, anxiety and depression are not problems in themselves, but symptoms of underlying structural problems. They are messengers telling us that we need to restore harmony in our body, mind and/or environment.


To guide you on the path to inner peace and self-knowledge, so that you can enjoy a more joyful and authentic life.  

We sincerely believe that regaining power over the unwanted, subconscious thoughts and behaviors that govern us is within everyone's reach, and we advocate the fundamental right of everyone to live a more fulfilling life.

Our experts

Dr. David O'Hare

David O'Hare has been teaching Cardiac Coherence to healthcare, wellness, counselling and coaching professionals for over ten years, and is the author and facilitator of workshops regularly offered in Quebec, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

He says of Dodow:

«Dodow is based on cardiac coherence, a stress and emotion management tool used by fighter jet pilots, among others, and recognized since 2014 by the French Federation of Cardiology as one of the simplest and most effective techniques for combating anxiety.»
«As a health professional or doctor, you can recommend Dodow to your patients.»

Thibault Gouttier

An Ericksonian hypnotherapist and former Director of Development at ARCHE (European training center for hypnotic counselling), he has been working for many years to demystify hypnosis in France.

On the subject of Hoomband, he says:

« Basically, the recordings we've created naturally reactivate the sleep mechanisms we all possess. It's unprecedented! For the first time, hypnosis sessions become metaphorical stories in which you are the protagonist. The result is striking. »

Mireille Barreau

Mireille Barreau has been a Sophrologist and Stress Management Consultant since 2004. She practices in Paris and works with companies worldwide, in French and English. She specializes in optimizing energy and sleep, managing stress, and preventing the notorious «Burnout» . She draws on original individual and group practices that she has developed (including sophrology techniques, exercises inspired by Mindfulness Meditation and Cardiac Coherence).

On the subject of Dodow, she says:

«I've noticed that some of the people I work with find the Dodow very useful. The idea of closing one's eyes is sometimes anxiety-provoking, and concentrating one's gaze on the beam can channel the mind. The light from the device has a hypnotic quality, and combined with the effects of the elongating exhalation, this leads to a state of relaxation conducive to falling asleep. This relaxation is physical, emotional and mental. Dodow is a less costly solution than sleeping pills, and also less impactful.»

Dr. Jose Colon

Jose Colon, M.D. is an adult and pediatric Sleep Medicine specialist. In 2022 and 2023, Palm Beach Media Group recognized Dr. Colon as one of Southwest Florida’s top doctors from Lee Physician Group.

He says of Dodow:

«As a board certified sleep specialist, and one in particular that has success without sleep medications, I absolutely LOVE the concept of Dodow, as it mixes com-ponents of Paradoxical Intent (staring at the light) and Relaxation Training (breathing to the rhythm). As an adult, I found it easy to use. For children, I let my daughter use it, and she absolutely loved it.»


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