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x10 Exclusive Sleep Stories | HoomApp

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✨Exclusive access to 10 additional stories, from our library developed for HoomBook (a disconnected, screen-free solution to sleepless nights)

👩‍⚕️ Content designed by the best sleep specialists: hypnotherapists, sleep doctors, sophrologists, audio designers, etc…

🧘‍♀️Find your balance with mesmerizing stories, immersive documentaries, deep meditation sessions, and soundscapes. Our ingredients to help you sleep (proven techniques): hypnosis, meditation, cardiac coherence, 5 sense stimulation, visualization, binaural sounds, frequencies...

💤 Effective for insomnia, nighty awakenings, light sleep, restless thoughts, or jet lag. Fall asleep quickly, with no effort or frustration. Calm your mind. Sleep longer, and wake up fully rested.

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x10 Exclusive Sleep Stories | HoomApp

$21.00 USD Regular price $25.00 USD


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