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Dodow - Sleep Aid Device - Over 1 Million Users are Falling Asleep Faster with Dodow!

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No more sleepless nights, Meet DODOW and fall asleep in 8 min! Dodow is a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine. This revolutionary sleep aid device is inspired by behavioral cognitive therapy, yoga, and meditation and will help you quickly soothe your brain activity, slow your breathing and relax your body. 100% natural. Works for any condition: insomnia, night awakenings, ruminating and repeating thoughts.

  • 💤 Lull your busy mind to sleep 💤 Focus on the hypnotic light and forget about the stressful thoughts that keep you awake. The rhythm slows your breathing rate down to 6bpm and reduces your rate of exhalation. Slowly fall into a deep, restful sleep.
  • 🫶 Easy and convenient to use 🫶 Choose the 8 or 20-minute sleep cycle and dim the light with a single touch. With no cords to lug around, Dodow is perfect for your business trips, vacations and for fighting jet lag.
  • 🌿 Restore your mind's natural ability to fall asleep 🌿 With regular use, you will soon fall asleep on your own without using Dodow. Numerous studies have shown that breathing is ultimately one of the best tools for regulating stress and mental agitation. With Dodow, you can fall asleep faster thanks to breathing, without having to train in these techniques for months.
  • 💰 One-time purchase for a lifetime of better sleep 💰 Unlike sleeping pills, Dodow has no dangerous side effects or dependencies. With popular sleep apps, monthly payments are involved. Dodow is a one-time purchase that teaches you the skills to improve your sleep.
  • 👨‍⚕️ Recommended by doctors👨‍⚕️  «Dodow is based on cardiac coherence, a stress and emotion management tool used by fighter jet pilots, among others, and recognized since 2014 by the French Federation of Cardiology as one of the simplest and most effective techniques for combating anxiety. As a health professional or doctor, you can recommend Dodow to your patients.»
    - Dr. David O'Hare - Physician specializing in cardiac coherence

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- In the box: Dodow, 3 AAA batteries and user guide 

Used by doctors and sleep therapists

Over 1 million users already

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Dodow - Sleep Aid Device - Over 1 Million Users are Falling Asleep Faster with Dodow!

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