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Improve your sleep with our best-seller sleep aid

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Discover all the bundles we have that gift you our best-selling solution to fall asleep in just 8 minutes

It's time to embrace a healthier (and sleepy 🥱) life. Sleep can bring benefits not only to your health, but to your overall mood and life.

That is why we're offering a FREE Dodow in 2024. You will prioritize not only your health, but the health of all those around you! 🌱

Dodow - Fall Asleep In Just 8 Minutes

The Best-Seller Bundle

Slow down your breathing following the blue light. Created by experts, inspired by science.

The All Sleepers Bundle

The Perfect Bluetooth Sleep Headband for Side Sleepers with 100 hours of exclusive content.

The Ultimate Bundle

The 1st audio therapy mask for the Ultimate Sleep Experience 100% in the dark.

The Master of Emotions Bundle

For kids who want to master their emotions and have a good night of ZZZ's.

Benefits of building good sleep habits

  • Sleep strengthens the immune system and boosts our body's defenses;
  • It improves brain functioning; our mind works better when it is properly rested. This contributes to better thinking that will help us make better decisions throughout the day. A good night's sleep can help both children and adults stay active at school, college or work;
  • Elevates your mood; lack of sleep can make people less energetic, therefore more prone to be irritable, tired, and a trigger to aggravate feelings of anxiety and depression;
  • Enhances mental health; In addition to depression, studies demonstrated that sleep deprivation can massively contribute to mental health problems, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dodow in numbers

  • 1 000 000+ of ex-insomniacs worldwide
  • 13 000 studies and research that corroborate our scientific findings
  • 2.5x faster to fall asleep - the average time improvement for Dodow users
  • 100% natural solution; non-addictive
  • 100 days to try it with our money-back guarantee

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