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Deep Sleep Pack

by Michelle's Sanctuary

Selected by Michelle

Here's an exclusive package for Michelle's Sanctuary listeners like you!

This offer includes:
- HoomBand Ultimate: The 1st hypnosis mask for falling asleep

- Free: Bonsoir Plant Therapy (39$ Value): increase your chances of achieving deeper sleep.

HoomBand Ultimate

Introducing the HoomBand Ultimate Bluetooth audio eye mask, a 3-in-1 natural solution for calming your mind and falling asleep easily:

Ultra-thin sleep headphones (perfect for side-sleepers)
+ Premium feel
100% blackout eye mask
+ Over
100h of expert-created sleep audio content.


Premium feel 100% blackout eye mask. Its bamboo-fiber fabric is soft, supple and machine-washable.

Perfect for those who fall asleep on their side and can't stand traditional headphones.


Content created by leading sleep specialists (including 6 stories written and narrated by Michelle).

Find your balance with mesmerizing stories, immersive documentaries, deep meditation sessions and soundscapes.


Premium audio quality, with flat headphones (4 mm).

Compact, discreet Bluetooth 5.2 module. 8 hours of use for just 2 hours of charging! A magnetic USB C cable is included in the box for easy charging.


Free (39$ value): Bonsoir Plant Therapy

Bonsoir is our night-time companion to any of our products, created to induce profound sleep. It is composed of plants, vitamins, and minerals in order to enhance recovery and limit night awakenings.
Bonsoir is: Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Produced in the USA, Recyled Packaging

I love that listening to all the content provided (sounds of rain especially!) Really helps me wash away stress and relax enough to sleep.

@Stressed out Mom


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